Sean Hannity Is On A Rampage And Rachel Maddow Is His Target

Sean Hannity verified nowadays that he’s a petty man. In recent weeks, the Fox News anchor has been a world of shit for his continued assertions that Seth wealthy was dead for his alleged ties with Wikileaks. Advertisers are actuation their endorsements, feat him terribly near the proverbial block.

Hannity regurgitated the debunked theory that Seth wealthy was killed for his Wikileaks ties then argued on Twitter that the story might discount proof of collusion between Russia and therefore the Trump administration throughout the presidential election. This was all done despite the actual fact that police dominated Rich’s murder a bungled theft. Hannity is on Twitter once more nowadays doing what he will best: stirring the pot.

Today’s Twitter postings consisted of 2 retweets from AN account referred to as “StopTheScalpings,” that looks to originate from the location Media Equalizer. Glancing over the articles on the location, it seems to be a awfully pro-conservative publication. several articles area unit dedicated to supporting Hannity, and one even seems to more the Seth wealthy conspiracy that Hannity won’t drop. In different words, Brobdingnagian ass-kissers of right blowhards.

Media Equalizer tweeted their support of Hannity in 2 tweets nowadays, primarily job out Rachel Maddow’s advertisers, in a shot to induce their readers to boycott her sponsors. Hannity promptly retweeted them along with his short, sweating fingers:

Say this word with me: “Deflection”.

Hannity and his supporters area unit resolute on attempting to shift the scrutiny from himself to his liberal counterpart. as a result of why not? Anytime the warmth gets turned informed these big-mouthed conservatives for spreading outright lies, they attack anyone on the left thus their petty followers can get confused. Bless their very little minds hearts.

I have little doubt that Hannity’s followers hate Rachel Maddow the maximum amount as her followers hate him. However, none of her sponsors have stopped sponsoring her recently. Her biggest bloomer lately was that legal instrument that showed up cryptically in an exceedingly mailbox. a minimum of it had been AN actual legal instrument – which makes all the distinction.

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