Hillary’s Mental Condition Is Getting Worse

Hillary Clinton’s grasp on reality is slithering away when 3 months of solemn binge drinking

Hillary Clinton has a tough time grappling together with her historic electoral defeat. She has lost bit with reality. in an exceedingly recent puff piece for brand spanking new royal line Magazine, Clinton claimed she beat Trump within the 2016 election (via ny Magazine).
The obsequious newsperson asked Clinton if her competitors Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump capitalized on the anger of the yankee individuals. “Yes,” Clinton claimed assuredly. “And I beat each of them.”

Hillary Clinton spent the bulk of the interview in an exceedingly windstorm of anger, blaming everybody however herself for the devastating election loss.

Clinton blames the standard targets — James Comey and Russia — for her defeat, however supplemental the right “advocacy” press and citizen suppression in key swing states.

Clearly, Clinton is aware of that the Russia-collusion accusations can shortly be evidenced as a faked conspiracy theory. She is pivoting the blame to the newest targets. specially, she bemoaned supposed negative press coverage.

Despite the actual fact that the whole thought media was within the bag for a Clinton presidency, the previous 1st woman claims she lost as a result of the press was unfair to HER.

Even though not one major publication supported Trump and also the purportedly unbiased news anchors cried on air coverage the results, Clinton still thinks the press was biased against her. something however complete domination of the media would be unfair in Clinton’s eyes.
“They have a mission. They use the rights given to them underneath the primary modification to advocate a collection of policies that area unit in their interests, their industrial, corporate, non secular interests,” Clinton same. “Because the support media occupies the correct, and also the center must be targeted on providing as correct info as potential. Not both-sides-ism and not false equivalency.”

We dodged a bullet. during this statement, Clinton created it clear that she has no respect for our constitutional rights. Freedom of speech isn’t “given” to US by a gracious government. Our rights area unit inalienable and also the foundation of freedom. Clinton shows the disdain she has for our rights, which might have suffered underneath a Clinton presidency.

If Clinton won she would have waged war on political dissent, forcing US to place confidence in the “accurate information” offered by CNN and MSNBC.

Clinton lost as a result of we tend to the individuals were allowed to unfold the reality regarding this wretched girl. give thanks God for the primary modification — not the state.

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