BREAKING: 60 People Just Found Dead In Ohio

The death toll in one Ohio town continues to rise as 60 people were just found dead overnight and emergency crews can’t keep up with the calls that continue to pour in. President Trump had warned of what was coming to prevent these deaths and now it’s time to take urgent action as he’s announced in a shocking message to Americans.

With all the focus recently being on Chicago and the immense amount of shooting deaths there are in that war zone every day, a bigger issue has presented itself just a couple states away in Ohio. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner has confirmed that 60 people died in February from the same alarming cause, which brings the total deaths from this to 109 this year for just this one small part of Ohio. However, the issue is widespread across the country and only getting worse, which is why Donald Trump wants to do something about it now.

Fatal drug overdoses now surpass car deaths in America thanks to the increased use, availability, and abuse of heroin, fentanyl or a combination of the two that come into the country from wide open borders and unchecked immigrants. With each month comes a new record number of deaths from this drug not just in Ohio, but nationwide.

“February’s number could increase because seven cases are still awaiting further toxicology testing. Of the fatalities last month, 36 were Cleveland residents,” Fox 8 reported. Trump is well aware of the opioid epidemic that claimed 52,000 lives in 2015, which was the most amount of overdoses in a single year in U.S. History. This is part of the reason he’s wanting to crack down so hard on the border.

During his joint address to Congress on Tuesday, the President said that he will build “a great, great wall along our southern border” — in part to dramatically slow the flow of narcotics pouring into the U.S. at an “unprecedented rate.” “Our terrible drug epidemic will slow down and ultimately stop,” Trump promised in his speech, Vox reported. Although a wall won’t stop it completely, he’s the first to address the epidemic that’s gotten worse while it was ignored the last eight years.

While Trump was criticized for his comment that the wall would stop the flow of drugs, it’s a step in the right direction and he’s at least ready to do something about it, whereas his predecessor was not. America does not need more of what comes in illegally over the border, whether it’s people, drugs, or both.

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  1. You can have freedom with all it’s dangers or you can have a nice safe totalitarian regime, and we’ve been rapidly heading towards the latter, I prefer the former.

  2. How is that @#$#%%$ going to do anything? He will look out from his helicopter as he passes over, and that will be it! He will come back and say he has fixed everything! Or it will be fixed as soon as he gets his billions to build more walls!!! Ha! Ha!

  3. My ignorance on this subject is overwhelming but the typical
    Use of ANY FORM OF ANY DRUG is an emasculation of an
    Individuals WILLPOWER.

    By empowering our Youth in
    Civic organizations is not just an option it’s a lifesaver….

  4. Some people say addiction is a disease. It may end up that way but it starts out as a CHOICE. Some drug dealer offers you some marijuana saying the first bag is free. THIS is where it statts …when some dealer offers you a freebie. You can either say OK OR you can say NO WAY. Mrs. Reagan was,so right … JUST SAY “NO”!

    1. No alcoholic has ever made a choice to become one. Alcohol is a legal drug, freely available. The majority of drinkers can have one or two and that’s enough. The alcoholic can’t do that. There is no one drink or two drinks to us unless it leads to 3 or more. Social drinking is all around us. Advertising pressure in the form of commercials with glamourous young people having a great time with glasses or bottles in one hand of each. The first alcoholic drink you have flicks a switch on for the addict. Some can find that switch and turn it off. Others can’t. I spent 13 years in an alcoholic haze. I worked all the way through it, I wasn’t the guy on the street drinking Aqua Velva, although I could have become him. Instead, I got sober and have stayed sober for the last 33 years. I accepted long ago that some people can be purely social drinkers, or a guy having a beer after work. I’m not one of those. One is too many and a thousand not enough. Your simplistic and sanctimonious attitude may be righteous to you, but in reality, it isn’t that cut and dried.

    2. Addiction itself doesn’t start out as a choice. No one ever takes their first pill, hit, drink or anything else addictive with the though in mind, “great, I’ll be an addict once I take this pill. Its a kid or a human curiosity that starts it out. Usually with the mindset of “I’ll try it, see what it likes…once can’t kill me, right?” People that never ever try a drug or a drink….good for you. Of course, I have to question the adventure level or excitement of people like that…. Anyway, if you aren’t an addict, recovering or not, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Wanna quote ex-First ladies on addiction, quote Betty Ford. She recognized the problem for what it truly is, from her own personal experience, unlike yourself.

  5. …. If you never try drugs … you will never do drugs! …. If you do not drink … you will never get drunk! …. a choice everyone has to make … and the consequences are getting more severe and much quicker. Choose wisely … do not drink or do drugs … if there were no demand there would be no supply lines …. who is responsible …. the demand line controls …. our society is responsible. We are allowing those, unhappy, lost and without real purposes in life to find God in the spirits of the bottle, the syringe, the tot, the snort instead of the spirits in the sky or a Heavenly Father, we choose to call God. We are responsible!

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