Melania Just Put Michelle To Shame With 1 Message She Posted For Our Nation’s Heroes!

During the Obama administration, there was an amazing lack of respect for our military men and ladies. Barack and Michelle Obama although they same that they revered and appreciated our military it ne’er felt real. the explanation that it ne’er felt sincere was due to the actions of Barack Obama over the last eight years. for example, throughout Obama’s 2 fatal terms as president, he slimmed down our military to pre-World War II levels and allowed the increase of the Islamic State. Then on prime of that, his better half Michelle Obama had the audacity to mention that her life was tougher than a solider’s life.

For you, here is a little flashback for you from GOP Daily Dose:

“Unlike Jill, I wasn’t a military momma,” the primary woman same, “I didn’t understand abundant concerning the military, and that i was in all probability a lot of just like the average yank.”

Michelle represented the myriad of conferences she had throughout the campaign with military families.

“Everywhere we have a tendency to went, I detected the voice of a lady that I hadn’t detected before, and it absolutely was your voice,” the primary woman same, “And i used to be simply awed and blown away by what I detected through those voices, the challenges you all face.”

Taking it one step any, Michelle went on to check her life effort with a presidential candidate to it of a military better half.

“Dealing with everything that i used to be dealing with—a married person traveling, a job, kids– we have a tendency to didn’t traumatize multiple moves, however I learned concerning the challenges that happen once you move from base to base to base,” Michelle same, “The means your children need to alter on a dime. And doing it knowing that the person you’re keen on is in harm’s means. and people stories moved  American state in an exceedingly means that I didn’t expect.”

Yeah, that’s precisely the same as a military family….NOT!

At any rate, President Trump has been in workplace for fewer than a year, and he and his better half Melania have shown a lot of respect than the Obama’s did within the last eight years. an ideal example of that might be what Melania Trump announce on Facebook that has place the Obama’s to shame.

On Friday, Melania Trump announce a picture that specifically thanked a U.S. Army regiment for serving to her and her employees arrive safely to their conferences at the G-7 summit in European country.

The post reads, “Thank you to the @usarmy 1-214th Aviation Regiment for obtaining American state & my employees to our mtgs safely today!”

Now, that’s category folks! I mean might you imagine Michelle spoken communication one thing like that to our military?

But, that’s not all Melania did to indicate her appreciation to our brave men and ladies. Right before the Trump’s left for his or her trip abroad, Melania declared that she would be “meeting with the wives and youngsters of U.S. and allied troopers” throughout the couple’s experience European country, consistent with Newsweek.

Here is a lot of from Newsweek:

“In a press release, Melania Trump same she was wanting forward to supporting Donald Trump on his 1st foreign tour, also as meeting with the wives and youngsters of U.S. and allied soldiers.

“I am terribly excited for the future trip,” she said. “This won’t simply be a chance to support my husband as he’s employed on vital matters of national security and foreign relations, it’ll even be my honor to go to and speak with girls and youngsters from totally different countries, with totally different views.

Donald Trump is additionally scheduled  to talk with the yank and allied military members and their families in Sicily, throughout that National Security consultant H.R. historian said Donald Trump plans to “thank them for the sacrifices all of them create to stay North American nation safe, and he’ll conjointly recap the highlights and accomplishments of the trip.”

But, that’s not all Melania has done to indicate her appreciation for our military. Earlier, this month Melania conjointly invited “active-duty troops, their spouses, and mothers” to the White House for a special Mother’s Day event.

The president introduced 1st woman Melania Trump, UN agency same she was honored by the military members’ presence because the nation celebrates National Military Appreciation Month and Mother’s Day.

“As everybody during this space is aware of, mother may be a title that claims your heart and changes your life forever,” the primary woman same. “In fact, it’s been same that having a baby suggests that permitting your heart to run around outside of your body. For the mothers of somebody UN agency has, or is, serving our country, this should be very true.”

Noting that whereas she, too, may be a mother, Melania Trump same she doesn’t understand of the numerous totally different challenges that go along with being the parent of a service member.

“While you stand with several alternative folks, thus robust so proud, i’m positive that you simply generally travel this journey alone,” the primary woman same, adding, “While your thusns and daughters area unit away serving so altruistically, having a community share even a number of that burden should create all the distinction within the world.”

Melania Trump told the mothers within the audience they’re a part of a community, and also the White home is proud to be a district of it with them.

“Thank you for all that you simply do, for your selflessness and for your own sacrifice on behalf of our country,” she said.

“Let today’s celebration with this community of robust and altruistic  moms be a primary step in building relationships,” the primary woman same, “and in your knowing, that my husband and that i, in conjunction with … everybody here at the White House, hold you close up in our hearts and thoughts every and each day.”

I think it’s clear to check what proportion our 1st girl loves and supports our brave men and girls. Her actions not solely ar sincere however she it’s evident that she is proud to be associate degree yankee. whereas with Michelle Obama it appeared that she was simply enjoying a task to appease US, and Melania Trump’s actions ring true.

I am with great care pleased with our first lady and it’s sensible to finally see somebody WHO is pleased with our country once more.

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