Top Democrat Going DOWN After Their Disturbing Death Threat To Trump For Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

Yesterday the yankee folks scored a YUGE win once President Trump force out of the useless Paris Climate Deal. If Donald Trump would have entered into this agreement it might are a terrible move for the country. The agreement wasn’t binding, it might have killed lots of yankee jobs, and it might destroy our growing economy. But, here is that the real football player of parents. If we’d have signed this pointless agreement it might have solely lowered the earth’s temperature by a fraction of a degree…by the year 2100.

Yeah, that looks like a deal we must always have not even mentioned within the 1st place.

But, since Barack Obama signed our name to the current deal each moonbat liberal thinks it’s the simplest issue since sliced bread. So, because the news unfold throughout social media that Trump force out of this deal a colossal liberal meltdown began. it absolutely was not solely liberal twits tweeting from their smartphones and sipping lattes, however liberal politicians, and also the yahoo’s on CNN. However, one liberal politician took it one step too so much after they tweeted this distressing threat on Twitter.

Chuck Schumer may be a vocal opponent of President Trump and also the yankee folks. So, once President Trump force out of this deal it absolutely was no surprise Schumer would throw a temper bad temper. But, this is often going too so much in my opinion.

At first, Schumer just released an announcement on the President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal.

But, then he took it a step too far by tweeting this image afterward.

Unbelievable, right?

Here is more from Washington Examiner:

“President Trump’s call to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement could be a devastating failure of historic proportions,” Schumer same. “Future generations can remember on President Trump’s call joined of the worst policy moves created within the twenty first century owing to the massive harm to our economy, the environment, and our government standing.”

The Senate Democratic leader same birth control of the agreement “doesn’t place America initial,” and instead “puts America last” on the planet stage. He rebutted Trump’s claim that he can talk over an improved deal and argued that he ought to stay within the agreement if he needs to boost it, rather than chickening out.

“The plan of sorting out a replacement deal could be a fig leaf. If you actually believe up the Paris Agreement, you don’t back out — you’re employed with our allies and partners round the world,” he said. “We are going to do everything we can do to prevent further regression and to undo what President Trump has done; and seriously I hope President Trump reconsiders this awful decision.”

House legislator urban center Pelosi, D-Calif., echoed Schumer’s stance and same that the president would have projected leadership by deed the U.S. within the agreement instead of “storming out of the area.”

“By walking far from this written agreement, President Trump is abandoning America’s leadership position among the fight against the climate crisis and is inflicting a sturdy message to the rest of the world to form, vogue and manufacture clean energy solutions and build jobs elsewhere,” Pelosi same in associate degree extremely statement. “If President Trump wishes nations like China and Asian nation to want stronger and swifter action on climate, then he need to do so through the answerableness and group action provisions among the Paris Agreement, not by breaking our word and storming out of the world.”

“Democrats can be a part of with states, cities, native teams and also the personal sector to fight to safeguard the longer term of our climate and our planet, notwithstanding the reckless and short-sighted actions that the White House takes,” she said.

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez affected an analogous tone to the Democratic legislative assembly leaders and claimed that Trump has “signed away our future.”

“Today, Donald Trump signed away our future,” Perez same. “As the globe appearance to America for leadership, President Trump and Republicans ar keeping their heads buried within the sand, hoping the best challenge of our time can merely disappear.”

“We should act with boldness and resolutely these days to safeguard our economy, our country, and our planet,” he continuing. “This is one storm we tend to cannot wait out.”

I am so pleased that President Trump withdrew from this deal and that i know you all are too. American has some of the cleanest water and air in the world, and some of the highest standards. But, this deal would force us to dish out BILLIONS of dollars to other countries and at the same time lose millions of jobs. Let me put it this way, this deal is a massive investment that does nothing for the environment at all. It would have crippled America, but that is exactly what the left wanted.

Chuck Schumer and the rest of these liberal idiots are determined to crash the economy, and this deal would have done it for sure. I am so THANKFUL that Trump did not sign onto this deal and put America first. Which is exactly what the left is so ticked off about.

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