Donald Trump has already scraped the bottom of the barrel when it comes to voter approval. Back in March, the president was at a paltry 35 percent of people who thought he was doing a good job, according to Gallup, and today he’s almost there again.

It’s not hard to understand. Trump isn’t just doing things that liberals hate but Republicans love, like the vice-versa that is standard fare in American politics. Trump is actively alienating the entire world, and his steadfast refusal to ever apologize for or even explain anything he does wrong is doing the same for him here at home.

But apart from the brutal toll this weekend took on Trump’s rating — a six-point drop from 42 percent — the news gets even worse for the Errant Tweeter:

While Politico’s poll was from another source, on the last day of May it showed a 5 percent increase in support of impeaching Trump, even without proof of crimes. That’s up now to 43 percent. Even accounting for the margin of error in both polls, that means more people want Trump out of office than there are people who think he’s doing alright.

That’s big. That’s never-before-seen big. In the history of polling, there have been presidents lower on job performance, but never lower than the number supporting removal from office at the same time.

Unfortunately for Trump, the approval rating polls aren’t isolated. Often it is the case that one poll will show a president faring relatively well, while others show them struggling. Not so for Trump: Literally, ALL of the polls published after May show a dramatic drop in voter approval. Even conservatively-aligned polling outlets like Rasmussen have disapproval for Trump’s performance at well over half of voters; 54 percent of respondents in their poll gave him a thumbs-down.

For a president who loves to talk about how many people adore him, he’s been pretty silent on the subject lately. Now we know why.

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