A CNN Reporter Just Revealed A Chilling Encounter With A Trump Spokesperson

In case you’re speculative why the Trump administration has problem dominant stories, look no more than State Department Communications representative R.C. Hammond.

CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent Michelle Kosinski was on duty Mon evening, even as the Washington Post bombshell that President Trump might have leaked extremely classified intel to the Russian foreign secretary and ambassador within the government office was breaking. Since Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was at the meeting, Kosinski was awaiting comment from the State Department to incorporate in her report.

Hammond from the State Department made a phone call. He greeted Kosinski with what will solely be taken as a gesture of goodwill, asking the newsperson, “What the hell ar you doing?!”

She rehashed the whole perturbing exchange on her Facebook page yesterday. Here’s the gist:

He followed up with full-on DEMANDS—over and over, and over again—to tell him WHO my sources were. He unbroken pushing, as if he thought this was ample reason. Then, “Why won’t you tell American state WHO they are?”

I had to elucidate to him that wasn’t however it worked.

This, mind you, is somebody used by the United States to act as a communications skilled. however he went for one more approach: personal attacks. speech communication i used to be losing the “shred of quality I had left,” etc. unsure what he was attempting to accomplish here, however next came Hammond’s final attempt: threats. That he would make certain NO ONE– no one– at the department would speak to American state, EVER AGAIN, he announced.

Kosinski endured a couple of a lot of minutes of this harassment before reminding him that he’s ne’er shared data with CNN before. Hammond’s response: “We don’t suppose you’re sensible enough to handle our information!”

Your tax bucks laborious at work, women and gentlemen.

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