Sarah Huckabee Blames Clinton For Comey’s Removal: “If She’d Confessed, He Wouldn’t Have Had To Commit All Those Atrocities Against Her”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asserted on Wednesday that President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he committed “atrocities” against Hillary Clinton. While standing in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer at Wednesday’s press briefing, Sanders was grilled by reporters who clearly weren’t buying Trump’s excuse for firing Comey. “Director Comey has shown over the last several months and frankly over the last year a lot of missteps and mistakes,” she insisted. “I think it’s startling that Democrats aren’t celebrating.” Fox News correspondent John Roberts noted that Trump had “celebrated” Comey before the election in October. “He was a candidate for president, not the president,” Sanders opined.

The deputy press secretary then proceeded to argue that there was a time when former Director Comey “did his job flawlessly, which is why I believe he was chosen to be the head of one of the most important federal law enforcement agencies in the country in the first place.” She added, “regardless of what the reason for his removal is, I know for a fact that President Trump is still deeply grateful to James Comey for the entirety of his service. It took a lot of guts to take the reigns and do the job at such a difficult time for the country. Ultimately, to err is human and I don’t blame the man for doing what he did. I don’t think there are a lot of people who would have acted differently in his shoes at the time.”

She continued, “But, if you’re asking for my personal opinion, I don’t think he is to blame for what happened, because, like I said, I believe there are very few people who would have acted differently in that situation. This is by no means the official position of the White House; that said, I think Hillary Clinton is the one to blame for what Comey endured, because she’s the one that put him in a position where he was literally between a rock and a hard place. As a matter of fact, the only thing former Director Comey is guilty of is doing his job. He opened and closed several investigations on Hillary Clinton’s email servers; what was happening in terms of operational procedures is, I think, an internal matter of the FBI, and as such, will not be disclosed.”

“But, ultimately, we all saw that he did his job to the best of his abilities. He followed procedure, acted within his authority and made decisions. What he did beyond the call of duty is his own, personal matter and the atrocities he committed were, I think, under duress. In other words, if Hillary Clinton had confessed any and all wrongdoings regarding the email servers, Comey would not have had to do all that. And yet, like I said – I’m puzzled by the fact that the Democrats aren’t celebrating him getting removed from position because that’s what they wanted. In my mind, it’s just another proof of how much everything that’s happened was a result of Hillary Clinton’s lack of moral and scruples in her pursuit for the presidency. She made him do it, there’s really no other way to put it. Luckily, Americans voted for the right candidate after all, but doing the wrong thing for the right reasons doesn’t change the fact that it’s wrong,” she concluded.



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  1. I’m embarrassed for her, that’s one of the stupidest comments I’ve heard – (besides what comes out of Trumps trap. ). In a long time. Duh !!

  2. Talk About Nut Jobs!! She’s Actually Living In Her Own World!! The Facts Just Pass Over Her Head!! Next She Will Blame Hillery ForWorld War Two!!! Silly, Stuborn AndUnable To Face The Truth!!!

  3. Strangely the problem is always Clinton or Obama, never Trump the poor victimised, down trodden President … total load of rubbish … and the idiots of his cabinet screech the same old rubbish !!

  4. Beyond belief…
    Huckabee Sanders appears to have little or no grasp of the facts, law and the circumstances of what happened..

  5. If this is not the WH position, but instead just your personal opinion, as you say, above, in quotes… then when you are at the podium, representing the WH… JUST SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR OPINION. NOBODY CARES.

  6. These people are mean, delusional fools. Trump daily commits actions that destroy our quality of life, our reputation around the world, and the Constitution. They recognize none of it. I have stepped away from people in my own life who voted for him. I have stepped away from my church because the word “Christian” is now tainted with their vile prejudices. I don’t even recognize the my own country.

  7. “Made ya look, made ya look, made ya buy a penny book!”

    This woman’s reasoning & shifting responsibility is not worthy of a 5-year -old.

  8. Don’t think the world is as dumb as the entire White House today. It’s a disgrace for America. Don’t ruin the country and it’s democracy.

  9. I hope Sarah feels this way when #45 is convicted of his atrocities…..he doesn’t have an ounce of morals and totally lacks character! I marvel at how he’s managed to discredit all of them and they are too blind to see it. I pray God’s Blessings on Mr. Comey a Man of great character and one who stands up for righteousness! Remember #45 you will reap what you’ve sown!

  10. Right Sarah, and I’ll tell you something else. I think Hillary somehow caused the Viet Nam war too. I know, she was just a child back then, but a smart one, a diabolical one. Has anyone bothered to find out exactly where she was when that war began? Ignore at your own peril.

  11. Comey investigated HRC’s emails and found no criminality which to prosecute. And for the WH to call for HRC to “confess” to a crime would be self incrimination and violation of 5th Amendment of US Constitution. This bimbo obviously doen’t know the Constitution or criminal law. (Did SE go to law school or PR school?). Why not call for a “show trial” like the have in Russia and other totalitarian governed countries?

  12. Look you stupid bitch I know it’s hard to find another job when your boss is in prison then your father can go on tv and complain again because someone hurts your fat feelings

  13. Boy, you guys will say ANYTHING, to come up with an excuse, huh? Truly amazing! When are you going to see it for what it REALLY is??? You CAN’T escape the truth, Sarah!!!

  14. Something is terrible wrong her & the entire crew! Their thinking is beyond me! It’s weird & everything else that is wrong!! Frightening!

  15. She is proving that she is as daffy as her father. She fits into the Trump administration, she can lie with a very straight face and she can babble with the best of the Trump minions.

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