Pat Robertson: “Melania’s Nude Pics Are Pure Art That Shows The Beauty Of God’s Work”

Most Trump supporters struggled to explain or justify Melania Trump’s blatant infringement of copyright of a Michelle Obama speech from 2008, however evangelical rambler Pat Robertson found a reasonably simple thanks to distract from all of that. rather than talking regarding the effervescent lifted-word scandal, Robertson talked at length regarding Melania’s “poise” and “beauty.” Robertson stated Melania exclusively supported her physical look, and somehow managed to praise Donald Trump for his choosiness, instead of laudatory Melania for being, well, Melania.

The revivalist at one purpose even commented on the potential new initial Lady’s nude photos printed in a very currently defunct French magazine. “I won’t go thus far on be inappropriate since that’s not my vogue, however i’ll say that Mrs. Trump may be a beautiful girl and a far-famed European model. and that we will say no matter we would like regarding Donald Trump, however the person has a watch for girls, particularly ones that ar drop-dead beautiful like his current adult female,” he said. “And you recognize, I’m against condition within the media as a result of I don’t suppose that’s the proper thanks to promote oneself, however I’ll tell you, Mrs. Trump’s photos ar linear unit epiphany for men round the world, and particularly for her husband.”

Asked to elaborate on his war the naked photos in question, Robertson argued that the simplest half regarding them, “aside from the plain fantastic thing about Mrs. Trump,” was the very fact that they “were not vulgar,” which they represent “art in its truest type.” “I’m actually no skilled, however if you consider ancient art and therefore the far-famed artists of the traditional times, all of them somehow targeted on the wonder of the physical body,” the revivalist aforesaid. “And in this regard, Melania Trump’s photos are not any totally different. In my mind, those photos emphasize the all the wonder and glory of God’s work, since on balance, we have a tendency to were all created in His image. and that i dare say, God was clearly notably careful and galvanized once He was sculpting Mrs. Trump.”

“Therefore, although several read those photos as provocative or all out vulgar, I disagree. To American state they’re no totally different than Michelangelo’s David or the gorgeous drawings of the Sistine Chapel. they’re a real work of art exactly as a result of they emphasize the wonder of ladies, and it with great care happens that in this explicit instance, the model happened to possess been Melania Trump,” Robertson continued laudatory the photos. “And to any or all those that dispute them and Mrs. Trump in conjunction with them, I say this: What if we have a tendency to were to possess a unadorned gay couple within the middle of doing business rather than Melania’s beautiful body? Would that be better?”

“For traditional individuals all across America, that will be a catastrophe. for instance, if we have a tendency to had a gay president who’s had unnumberable homosexual affairs, we have a tendency to’d get on our thanks to hell as we speak. however fortunately, we have a tendency to ar blessed the images of true beauty altogether of its glory,” Robertson opined, and added, “And I’ll tell you one thing else. we must always be grateful that God has chosen to bestow such beauty on America. Those photos ar a symptom. They’re not solely meant facilitate Donald Trump get additional voters, however they’re additionally meant to energise the attenuated religion in our Lord. and that i don’t comprehend you, however I see God’s sign and he’s telling American state to vote for Trump. You’d be informed do therefore, too,” the revivalist finished.